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The Skies Belong to Us #Book Review

The Skies Belong to Us #Book Review by @brendankoerner #B4B

I took my first flight when I was three years old. I was too young to have any real memories of that flight, but I do have pictures of my mom and I standing outside of the airport in San Diego, waiting to go inside where I would be passed off from my mom to a flight attendant, stewardess way back then in 1975, for the flight to Hobby Airport in Houston, TX. I must have flown twenty more times by…

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One perfect #rose just doing it’s own thing. #summer #flowers #sundaybeauty
It is being your best self, and it is understanding that your worst self is also loved and welcomed. It’s when we realize we are human.

Cynthia Hass, “Connectedness and Community

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Dean Vince Boudreau speaking with the seniors in the Ad/PR class working with the @cpowellschool on new #immigration awareness initiative. #CCNY
#LiveLifeMakeWaves #mermaid #run @themermaidclub got my mileage in on the beautiful shores of #stonybrook

I can’t stop till the whole world knows my name…  Centuries 9.8.14 afternoon EST - pre-order now if you can’t wait.
Newest @catbirdnyc ring, the #DarkandStormy named after today, obviously. #catbirdlover
Get out of your head and let life surprise you.
- Cheri Huber

The beauty of old record players? When they break, all you need is a rubber band. #vinyl #records for ever. #MusicOnWax